reverse blue – chris speed transcription

This is a Mary Halvorson record, with Chris Speed featured on clarinet and saxophone. The record is ok, but far from an essential recording. I was interested in transcribing something without changes, but was a little tired of the solo by the end of transcribing it. Fun to play though, and the composition is cool!

The transcription is in Bb. Let me know if you want it in another key.

i’ve found a new baby – don byron transcription

This is another old transcription from Don Byron’s fantastic record Ivey-Divey. The record is a tribute to Lester Young (it was initially going to be to John Coltrane – until he realised how much Coltrane was influenced by Young!), particularly to Young’s trio with Nat King Cole and Buddy Rich (also very worth checking out). This whole record burns throughout, and is also a lot of fun. Byron really manages to let go of the baggage of “jazz clarinet”, and turns it into a machine. There aren’t many who can play it with the power that he does!

Transcription is in Bb. Give me a shout if you want it in another key.

alittleodd – chris speed transcription

Here is a transcription I did a few years ago, of Chris Speed playing with Trio Iffy. It’s one of my favourite ever clarinet solos – a great example of the clarinet working well in a contemporary jazz context. There are too many examples of the clarinet sounding really lame in a modern jazz context – too classical, too light, and with not enough attitude – but Speed is one of the few who really knows how to make it sound good.

You should also check him out playing with Tim Berne’s Bloodcount, for how he uses it in a free context, or on some of Uri Caine’s records. I really love his record Platinum On Tap – saxophone only, but he has such a unique voice on the instrument, and the whole record is amazing