the veil

he persevered because he saw him who is invisible. – hebrews 11v27

beauty is an unseen hand
that pulls you through
the veil your eyes
can’t see beyond
to see a world

spills beyond
the frame which
tries to comprehend
this world, untouched
is breaking through, and
no one passes through unchanged

a birthday poem

for my Mum

each laugh is a lesson
itself a confession
of He who works all things for our good

each tear tells a tale
that although we still fail
we know He works all things for our good

brief moments of wonder
we cheer at the thunder
we jump in the rain
and we sing at the dawn

all this a reminder
of the one who is kinder
our Father, He works all things for our good

september 2019

reflection on psalm 126

what are dreams but memories
of moments that you failed to live
for in the moment, you were busy
waiting for the next one

a sunset filtered through a screen
laughter just to draw attention
food not tasted, barely seen

glancing at your dated shoes
conscious of your own pretension
checking your watch, checking the news

but sometimes you forget to hope
and for a moment really live
and for that moment, you are busy
living in the next one

my thanks to ellie west for comments on the first draft.